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15 Elizabeth Street
Amesbury, MA 01913
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Elizabeth Calsey House Amenities

What makes Elizabeth Calsey House and Elizabeth Calsey House at Lion's Mouth Road such special homes for all that live there?

Elizabeth Calsey House has taken great care to create a home-like environment that is not available in any other assisted livings in the area.

Residents come to breakfast between the hours of 7am-8:45am in their pajamas, robes and slippers. They are offered home-made muffins, breads, fresh fruit, eggs, bacon or whatever they desire. Each breakfast is prepared for them individually.

Meals at Elizabeth Calsey House are home-cooked, flavorful and delicious. Meals being cooked in our kitchens are observed by residents and the aroma is pleasing to them and our visitors. They are encouraged to share recipes, cook with us or maybe husk the corn or pick tomatoes from our garden.

Our facilities are homes and when designing Elizabeth Calsey House and Elizabeth Calsey House at Lion's Mouth Road the owners and architects were determined that they would create warm, inviting areas for all to enjoy.

Residents enjoy many activities together such as entertainers, crafts, movies, walks, exercise, and sometimes just sitting on one of our beautiful porches or gardens while enjoying a root beer float.

The residents at Elizabeth Calsey House are family and they support each other in a truly residential home.

Please visit our homes and discover what the true spirit of assisted living was meant to be.

For a full list of services and accomodations, please download this list in PDF format.

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